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Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas (SIDH)

Education, Innovative, Happiness, Community, Harmony, Individual, Society, Nature, Philosophy

Geographical Location
Kempty, Jaunpur Block, Tehri Garhwal District, Uttarakhand

Hindi, English, Jaunpuri, Garhwali

SIDH believes that education should promote understanding of the self and its relationship with the body, the family, society, nature, and all of existence. Education is about eliciting this understanding from within each of us to live our lives accordingly. SIDH's primary mission is to use education as a tool for social change and to encourage a more meaningful exploration and dialogue, not only in the social and political spheres but also within individual mindsets.

Work Description
Grant Projects:

SIDH’s model secondary school, located on its campus in Kempty village that imparts quality education to students from Class 6th to 10th from approximately twenty villages.
Model Primary School:
The Model School was inaugurated on 2 March 2007, and has nursery, kindergarten and Class 1 till now. Every year two batches will be added and eventually the Bodhshala School will integrate into the Model Primary School.
Sahjan is a capacity building residential program where children (between the ages of 10-13) and teachers from government schools spend time in SIDH schools to participate in staff development and engage in participatory education.
Sambandh is a teachers’ empowerment program that is part of an integrated approach and uses training and workshops in order to strengthen teachers for quality in education.
Learning Resource Centre:
Since 2004, with the help of Learning For Life (LFL), SIDH has been able to construct a new campus - our Learning Resource Center, or LRC, on two acres of land near the existing Bodhigram campus. It will house various short and long courses, workshops, and seminars on education for young children, adolescents, and adults.

Self Funded Projects:

Sushiksha :
Sushiksha (good education) is the foundation for all of SIDH’s activities. We share our learning experiences with the community, other organizations, and at the policy level by disseminating the reports of seminars and research studies. SIDH has been focusing on quality in education rather than the issue of access.
SIDH also provides scholarships to eight children from the financially weaker sections of society each year.
Staff Development.
Jeevan Vidya Workshops:
Jeevan Vidya (Science and Sense of being) is a philosophy that we came across in the year 2000. It helped SIDH find answers to the many issues that were of central concern. SIDH realized that education is all about understanding and living according to that understanding, in harmony with oneself and all that is around us (family, society, nature and all of existence).
Over the past five years, we have been trying to incorporate this understanding into our educational framework. We have also been organizing short 7-day courses where the main points of the philosophy are put forward to the participants.
Women’s events and workshops.
Himalaya Haat:
SIDH’s production/training center and outlet store, ‘Himalaya Haat’ is based in Kempty and our preference is to cater first to the local people in the surrounding areas.
Sarthak is SIDH’s publication unit where we publish books that challenge the current mainstream paradigm and also present an alternative viewpoint.
Gap Year College :
This is a 9-month residential programme for youth from across the world who are eager to explore and strengthen their understanding about themselves and their surroundings (family, friends, society, nature, existence) and lead meaningful lives while engaged in productive work and living in harmonious relationships.

Resources Available
Publications, training resources, library, conference/retreat facilities at Learning Resource Centre.

Contact Information
Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas
Hazelwood, P.O. Box – 19, Landour Cantt
Mussoorie – 248179
Distt. Dehradun.
Uttarakhand, India
Phone: 01376-213060, 01376-224203

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Gap Year College

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