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Gram Mangal

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Geographical Location
Pune, Maharastra

Marathi, Hindi, English

Gram-Mangal is a registered voluntary non-profit organization in the Indian state of Maharashtra that has been working on transforming Early Childhood Education (ECE) in India. They believe that good early childhood education is vitally important in determining the mental and physical health of a child. Today, an unimaginative formal education system is thrust upon children forcibly. Gram Mangal has been exploring alternative ways of ECE which are enjoyable and beneficial to the child.

Gram Mangal works in the border of Gujarat and Maharastra in a predominantly tribal area. It was established in 1982, by the eminent educationist Anutai Wagh, and Prof. Ramesh Panse. When these two along with other volunteers, entered the tribal area near the village of Aine-Dabhon there was no drinking water or electricity or roads. Since the beginning, Gram-Mangal has been involved with various development activities. Later, Gram-Mangal started focusing on education, and now its principal thrust is on Early Childhood Education. Gram Mangal works on research, development of methods of teaching and learning and also with social problems that tribal children face. In addition to bringing elementary education to the doorsteps of rural and tribal children, they are committed to revolutionizing the childhood education system itself, in rural and urban India alike.

Work Description
Gram Mangal's goals are to conduct research, development and extension activities in early childhood education, primary education, especially ECE - which is neglected in the educational planning. The current system believes that anything goes in the area of ECE. The science behind this is completely neglected. Gram Mangal has been steadily working to change this. Gram Mangal aims to conduct ongoing research, development and extension activities in the area of technical, vocational and tertiary education. They undertake rural development projects with the tribal communities. They collaborate with like-minded NGOs and take up educational research programs. Some of their current activities are
  • A residential middle-school (Mukta-Shala) for tribal (Adivasi) children,
  • A permanent exhibition of approximately 600 Educational Aids, a Training Center for Pre-Primary and Primary Teachers
  • Pre-primary and Primary schools in different villages.
  • One-Year Residential Training Course for Pre-Primary Teachers
  • A "Creativity Center", and a small-scale Production Center for Children's Educational Aids, and Educational Programs for Parents
Resources Available
  • Reference Library of Educational Aids
  • Training Programs
  • Educational Program for Parents
Contact Information
R. K. Deole, President
Jai Building , Cinema Road
Ghatkopar (West)
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400083
Phone: (022) 514-8396

Ramesh Panse, Trustee
Sugandh, 2118
Sadashiv Peth
Pune, Maharashtra 411030
Phone: (020) 433-0343

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